Por la Suscripción del contrato de Exploración y/o Explotación


By the signing of exploration and exploitation contract

As established in Article 6º of Supreme Decree Nº 012-2008-EM of February 19, 2008 "Regulations for Citizen Participation in the realization of Hydrocarbon Activities", and Article 29° of the Ministerial Resolution N° 571-2008-EM/DM of December 5, 2008, "Guidelines for Citizen Participation in Hydrocarbons Activities", after the signing of a License Contract for Hydrocarbons Exploration and Exploitation, PERUPETRO S.A. is obliged to carry out an Informative Event to present the contractor. In that event PERUPETRO S.A. should inform the population the following:

  • Oil company awarded of the Contract
  • Number of Supreme Decree that authorizes the signing of the Contract
  • Criteria used for the companies’ qualification
  • Type of contracting used
  • Map of the Contract area (Block)
  • Program of activities to develop (Minimum Work Program-MWP)
  • Information about the Project (Art. 18º R.M. Nº 571-2008-EM/DM)
  • Information about the possible impacts of Hydrocarbon Activities (Art. 5º  R.M. Nº  571-2008-EM/DM)
  • Current legislation for participation and consultation and obligations they entail (art. 18º R.M. Nº 571-2008-EM/DM)
  • Rights and duties of the population (Art. 18º R.M. Nº 571-2008-EM/DM)
  • State role (Art. 18º R.M. Nº 571-2008-EM/DM)

 To carry out the Event of Contractor Presentation, PERUPETRO S.A. should:

  • Request by letters to INDEPA, regional and local authorities, information about the organizations representing the people of the Block.
  • Invite INDEPA to speak about the rights of indigenous peoples if there are any in the Block.
  • Invite SERNANP to speak about Protected Natural Areas, if there are any in the Block.
  • Convene representatives of the local population to the Event by letters, PERUPETRO S.A. website and other means to be the case (radio, local newspapers).
  • Convene local, regional and sectorial authorities to the Informative Event.

This is a public event that may involve not only the representatives invited but any citizen interested in the topic. During the event, after exposures of PERUPETRO S.A. and the Contractor, one proceeds to a round of intervention of the local population, taking PERUPETRO S.A. the obligation to collect and report them to the DGAAE-MINEM, in order that these views are assessed and gave merit in the assessment process of Environmental Assessments that the contractors submit.

Citizen Participation after the change of the Contract Operator

According to the provisions of Article 32° of the Ministerial Resolution N° 571-2008-EM/DM of December 5, 2008, Guidelines for Citizen Participation in Hydrocarbons Activities after signing a License Contract for hydrocarbons Exploration and exploitation, whenever there is a change of contract involving a change of operator, PERUPETRO S.A. has an obligation to report the matter by Informative Events.

Citizen Participation for Expansion of the Contract Area and Release of Contract Area

In the case there are amendments in the Contract that Involve extending the Block area, shall communicate the amendment to the population concerned by letters, advertisements in the web and Informative Event (Article 33° of the Ministerial Resolution N° 571-2008-EM/DM). Finally, when this occurs release of the Block area, PERUPETRO S.A. must report through its internet portal and through letters to regional, local and community authorities (Article 35° of the Ministerial Resolution N° 571-2008-EM/DM).

List of Informative Events

Statistics of Informative Events

Graphic 1: Number of Informative Events after the Signing of the License Contract

Graphic 2: Type and Number of Informative Events after the Signing of the License Contract

Graphic 3: Number of Participants in the Informative Events after the Signing of the License Contract

Graphic 4: Number of Informative Events after the Signing of the License Contract carried out by Region

Graphic 5: Number of Participants in the Informative Events after the Signing of the License Contract by Region


Responsible for the delivery of information:
Pedro Arce Chirinos
Responsible for Transparency:
Lenin Asmat Alcalá