Mensaje del Presidente


Chairmans Message



Ladies and gentlemen:

I am pleased to welcome you to our Corporate Portal and invite you to review its content, where you will find important information about hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation activities in Peru.

PERUPETRO S.A. has developed a program of policies and incentives that offer a very attractive scenario to potential investors. The challenge of finding new reserves of hydrocarbons in Peru is the major goal to ensure that oil and gas production increases to levels allowing domestic supply of the country and turn Peru into a net exporter of hydrocarbons.

We are aware that in the global economy of today, information is a prime tool for decision making. Consequently, the purpose of our Corporate Portal is to provide investors the basic information that will allow them to have an overview of the investment opportunities in hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation in Peru.

We will be glad to answer any query and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Best Regards,

Francisco García Calderón

Chairman of the Board


Responsible for the delivery of information:
Pedro Arce Chirinos
Responsible for Transparency:
Lenin Asmat Alcalá