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Perú is located in South America and has a total area of 1'285,215.6 Km2 (496,223 square miles), with a population of 29.8 million people, being Lima its capital city. Peru borders to the north with Ecuador and Colombia, to the south with Chile and Bolivia,  to the East with Brazil and to the West with the Pacific Ocean. In addition, counts with a territorial sea of 200 miles.

Location in South America

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 150,942 million US$ (III quarter 2014)
GDP Growth: 1.8 % (III quarter 2014)

Oil Production: 69,304 BDP
Natural Gas Liquids Production: 103,427 BDP
Gas Production: 1,250 MPCD 

Responsible for the delivery of information:
Pedro Arce Chirinos
Responsible for Transparency:
Lenin Asmat Alcalá