Descripción de Requerimientos para Estudios Ambientales


Description of requirements for Environmental Studies

Environmental Assessments

Before starting any hydrocarbons activity likely to cause environmental impacts, such as seismic exploration, drilling of exploratory and development wells, construction of production facilities, etc., it is necessary that the operating company elaborates an Environmental Assessment that evaluates and determines the prevention, minimization, mitigation and remediation of possible negative environmental impacts.  Likewise, it specifies the management of waste and effluent that may arise during the project.

Depending on the activity that will carry out, the environmental assessments can be classified into three categories.  



  The content of each environmental assessment can be seen in the corresponding links. 

Environmental Impact Statement (DIA)


Environmental Impact Assessment Semi detailed (EIAsd)


Environmental Impact Assesstment (EIA)

Environmental Management Plan (PMA)

EIAs Approval Process and other environmental assesstments

The Environmental Impact Assessments are evaluated and approved by the General Direction of Environmental and Energetic Issues (DGAAE) of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM).


Permits, Licenses and other Authorizations

In addition to the approval of the Environmental Assessment, the company has to deal with other corresponding permits, licenses and authorizations, according to the needs of each project.

Likewise, during the evaluation for the approval of the Environmental Assessment, the DGAAE, ask for the favourable Technical Opinion to the other entities involved, which sectors might be affected by the project to develop.





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