Descripcion de Requerimientos respecto a Areas Naturales Protegidas (ANP)


Description of requirements concerning Protected Areas (ANP)


The ANPs are continental or marine areas recognized by the state to conserve biodiversity and other values ​​associated with cultural, scenic and scientific interests, as well as their contribution to the sustainable development of the country.


The National Service of Protected Natural Areas (SERNANP) is the state agency responsible for regulating the Protected Natural Areas.

Protected Natural Areas Legislation

The legislation related to the management of Protected Natural Areas is as follows:


Protected Natural Areas Classification:

In the following diagram is presented the Protected Natural Areas classification:

List of existing Protected Natural Areas

The official map of Protected Natural Areas is provided by the SERNANP.  


 Protected Natural Areas and Activities in the Hydrocarbon Sector

According to the S.D. Nº 003-2011-MINAM, to carry out hydrocarbon activities inside the Protected Natural Areas, it should apply for Previous Technical Opinion Binding to the SERNANP on two separate occasions: 

Compatibility Issue: Processed by Perupetro S.A.

Previous Favourable Technical Opinion: Processed by the DGAAE

This Previous Technical Opinion Binding is carried out for the Protected Natural Areas of national administration and their buffer zones, and for Regional Conservation Areas. 

PERUPETRO S.A. cannot submit to the MINEM the Contract Project of a Block, if it does not count with the Compatibility Issue from SERNANP.

The DGAAE cannot approve the environmental assessment, if it does not count with the Previous Favourable Technical Opinion of the SERNANP.

Information of Interest

Below is presented the ACR that are currently being processed.


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