Perupetro S.A.
Promoting hydrocarbons we develop our Peru
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Activities with Communities

PERUPETRO S.A. in fulfilling its mission carries out strengthening capacities with the populations of the areas where there are performed or existed prospectivity to carry out hydrocarbon activities; are carried out bothin urban centers (where events are held on hydrocarbon activities to local authorities,  professionals and university students), and in the villages and native and peasant  communities.

The talks, workshops, courses and seminars are intended to inform people about:

  • Hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation activities.
  • Rules and consultation and citizen participation activities in hydrocarbon activities.
  • PERUPETRO S.A. functions, work to promote hydrocarbon investment, negotiation and tenders for hydrocarbon contracts, types of contracts, environmental rules and citizen participation compliance, among other.

The information and training activities seek to strengthen and improve relationships between society, the State and company, for which are coordinated with local authorities, the MINEM, oil companies and representatives of populations and indigenous peoples.

List of Strengthening Capacity Activities by Year