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Consultation by block 169

In this regard , it has remained a preparatory meeting on 3 and 4 October in Pucallpa with local federations Association for Integral Development Yurua koie Shara ( ACONADIYSH ), Union of Indigenous Communities of the Peru border ( UCIFP ) and Central Ashaninka of the River District Huacapishtea Yurua ( CARHDY ) as well as with regional organizations CONAP Ucayali , Ashaninka Villages regional Association of Ucayali ( ARPAU ) and regional Organization Aidesep Ucayali ( ORAU ) . The Preparatory Meeting was presented the Draft Plan Consultation to collect suggestions and contributions from organizations representing indigenous peoples located in the area of ​​Lot 169.

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Preparatory Meeting Minutes

Consultation Plan Lot 169

Stage Advertising Delivery Plan Consultation