Normative Framework of PERUPETRO S.A


Direct access
Functions and faculties.
Political Constitution of Peru.  
    Law No. 26221: Organic Law on Hydrocarbons (1)  
        Supreme Decree No. 045-2008-EM: Regulation of Article 11 of the Organic Hydrocarbons Law.  
    Ley N° 26225: Law of Organization and Functions of PERUPETRO S.A.  
    Ley N° 27170, Law of Creation of FONAFE.  
Obligations related to & nbsp; Access to information and transparency in the exercise of functions.  
    Law N ° 27806: Law of Transparency and Access to Information (2)  
      Supreme Decree No. 072-2003-PCM: Regulation of the Law on Transparency and Access to Information  
        Executive Direction Resolution N° 080-2013-FONAFE:  Transparency Guideline   
Obligations related to the labor regime and conditions of security in the facilities  
     Ley N° 29783: Occupational Health and Safety Law  
       Supreme decret N° 005-2012-TR:  Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Law  
         Directory Agreement No. 004-2006/031-FONAFE:  Guidelines for support for the person with disabilities(*)  
Obligaciones relacionadas con las actividades de contratación con el Estado.  
       Legislative Decree N° 1341, que modifica la Ley 30225:  Ley de Contrataciones con el Estado  
       Decreto Supremo N° 184-2008-EF: Regulation of the Law of hiring with the State  
       Ley N° 30225: State Contracting ACT   

 Acuerdo de Directorio N° 003-2009/002-FONAFE: Guidelines for the programming and execution of corporate purchases (*)

Functions and obligations related to the determination of the Canon and over-canon  

 Ley N° 27506: Ley de Canon .


      Supreme Decree N° 005-2002-EF: Rules of the Law of Canon


Decreto Ley N° 21678: They Establish 10% of the oil production in the Department of Loreto


Law N° 23630: They Establish as participation of the zone that integrate the Departments of Piura and Tumbes 10% of the income that produce the exploitation of the oil and gas in these Departments, until the total extinction of such resources.


Law N° 23871: Increase by two and a half percent (2.5%) The share of the income produced by the exploitation of oil and gas, created by Article 1 of Law 23630.


Law N° 23350: (Art. 161): Creation of a Canon equivalent to 2.5% of the value of oil production in the forest, destined to the financing of the Investment Program of the Departmental Development Corporation of Ucayali.


Law N° 24977: They Need aspects related to the canon and over-canon in the departments of Ucayali, Loreto, Piura and Tumbes.


Decree of Urgency n ° 027-98: They Require percentages to be applied by concept of canon and over-canon on the value of the total production of oil and gas in the Department of Ucayali.

Social and Environmental Aspects  

Environmental Liabilities and Environmental Quality Standards


Environmental Quality Standards for Soil


Supplementary Provisions for the application of Environmental Quality Standards for Soil

(*) Guideline of FONAFE that is related to a specific Law.
(1) Supreme Decree No. 042-2005-EM-Ordered Single Text of the Organic Law of hydrocarbons
(2) Supreme Decree No. 043-2003-PCM-Ordered Single Text of the Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information