Technical Evaluation Agreements

For hydrocarbons exploration, Peru has many different areas that are located in 18 sedimentary basins.  The best options for exploration are concentrated in the areas which geological and geophysical information have defined potential discoveries and in some cases, have logistic facilities.

The areas which have low geological and geophysical information, which include in some cases the edges of traditional basins (Maranon, Ucayali, etc.) and other non-traditional basins, are not attractive for exploration. These areas are those which are usually known in the oil industry as frontier areas, which is required to provide more technical information to improve their attractiveness for exploration.

The border areas are not considered as exploration target for not having tested to date containing an Oil System consists of: source rock, seal rock, reservoir rock, stratigraphic or combined structural traps, organic maturity levels sufficient to generate hydrocarbons (kitchen), synchrony of the foregoing factors or timing of the trap to capture the generated hydrocarbons.

To the extent that there are border areas that require geological and geophysical exploration pioneers that give greater value, should promote the development of these studies and evaluations through the signing of the Technical Evaluation Agreements and Other Agreements, because otherwise, these areas will continue without attracted for their promotion and subsequent contracting for hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation.

Agreements Qualification

The agreements are classified according to type of work, works to be done by the companies or entities that have signed, which may include the use of information in PERUPETRO Data Bank and/or new information generating. These are:

  1. Technical Evaluation Agreements (TEA): It is the Agreement signed by PERUPETRO with an Oil Company, through which it performs work and/or integrated geological-geophysical studies in areas with little information or that require work and/or additional studies.
  2. Evaluation Agreements for Promotion (EAP): It is the Agreement signed by PERUPETRO with oil companies, oil consultants, or oil service companies, in which they carry out technical studies in specific areas with existing information, apply or present new concepts, new interpretations or new exploration models, to highlight the likelihood of exploration success, and then perform actions on marketing studies, including the oil companies to get them interested in signing a Contract.
  1. Speculative Agreements for Information (SPEC): It is the Agreement signed by PERUPETRO with oil service companies, in which the companies carry out work to acquire new geological and/or geophysics information, with the aim of providing this information to a particular cost to oil companies that might be interested also increase PERUPETRO database with new information.
  1. Value Added to Information Agreements (VAA): It is the Agreement signed by PERUPETRO with consulting oil companies, oil service companies or companies with experience in managing hydrocarbon industry technical information, by which such companies using existing information in PERUPETRO Database, perform work of standardization, compilation, new forms, transcription, reprocessing, and so on. to offer their work to other interested companies also increase the quality and value of information for PERUPETRO.