Procesos de Contratación por Convocatoria y Negociación Directa


Contracting Processes by Call for Bids and Direct Negotiation

By Article 11 of the TUO of the LOH, PERUPETRO may enter into Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation or Hydrocarbon Exploitation Contracts, according to the following contracting processes:

1. Contracting Process by Call for Bidding.​

2. Contracting Process by Direct Negotiation.

1. Contracting Process by Invitation

PERUPETRO may carry out calls for the assignment of Contracts, through the following types of processes:

a) Open Bidding Process.

b) Bidding Process by Invitation.

2. Contracting Process by Direct Negotiation

For the execution of contracts through the direct negotiation process, the scenarios have been considered depending on who initiates the negotiation proposal, as follows:

      (i)   At the request of an Interested Party:

a) Derived from the exercise of the right of first option recognized in any Agreement duly approved by PERUPETRO.

b) For cases of Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation Contracts.

c) For cases of Hydrocarbon Exploitation Contracts.

     (ii)   At the request of PERUPETRO:

a) When an Open Bidding Process or Bidding Process by Invitation is declared void, under the rules established in the corresponding bidding conditions, and only one (1) interested party has been qualified to bid for a specific area.

b) When there is a need to enter into a Contract, due to abrupt termination of contracts, need for operational continuity, time reasons, integration of projects or any other reason previously approved by PERUPETRO's Management.

Guidelines for the Conclusion of Contracts by Bidding Process and Direct Negotiation, approved by Board of Directors Agreement N° 072-2023.