Press releases

Next, the Press Releases of the recent activities that PERUPETRO S.A. has carried out for the development of the promotion of investment in Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons activities.

PERUPETRO S.A. today announced the international call for the selection process for the award of the License Agreement for the Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons in Lot 201, located between the districts of Iparia and Masisea of ​​the province of Coronel Portillo and the districts of Tahuanía and Yurúa de Atalaya province, Ucayali region.
PERUPETRO S.A. He presented to investors the areas in permanent promotion for the signing of Technical Evaluation Agreements and / or License Agreements, during their participation in the American Association of Petroleum Geologits (AAPG) International Conference & amp; Exhibition (ICE).
PERUPETRO S.A. participated in the Forum: "Amazon Invest" which was held as part of the activities of EXPO AMAZÓNICA LORETO 2019, a fair that seeks to promote the productive and service potential of the Amazonian regions of the country.
In compliance with Law No. 30130 approved by the Congress of the Republic, PERUPETRO S.A. reported that, on June 17 of this, the direct negotiation process of the Licensing Contract for the Exploitation of Hydrocarbons of Lot 192 with PETROPERÚ, for a term of 30 years has been initiated.
PERUPETRO S.A. clarified that the Supreme Decree N ° 011-2019 that approved the modification of the License Agreement for the Exploitation of Hydrocarbons of Lot X, does not extend the term of the Contract, but adjusts the percentage of royalty for the incremental production from new wells and rehabilitations.
PERUPETRO S.A. presented to investors the areas in permanent promotion for subscription of Technical Evaluation Agreements and / or License Contracts, during its participation in the international event Global Petroleum Show 2019, held in Calgary, Canada.
Given various misinformation spread in some media and social networks of Tumbes, Piura and Lima, we want to alert the public about a CAMPAIGN OF DISINFORMATION promoted by a group of opponents to investment in the country.
The Tumbes region has a significant hydrocarbon potential whose sustainable use can become an engine of economic development for the inhabitants of this border region, government officials said today at the Forum: Hydrocarbon potential of the Tumbes region organized by Perupetro and the Congress of the Republic.
PERUPETRO S.A. promoted boundary areas with high hydrocarbon prospectivity, during its participation in the international event AAPG 2019 Annual Convention & amp; Exhibition, held in San Antonio, Texas, from May 19 to 22.
The portfolio of gas and oil projects between 2019 and 2020 could increase to 9.735 million dollars, of which 8.165 million would correspond to exploration and production projects, according to the "Guide to Business and Investment in Gas and Oil in Peru 2019/2020 ".
The amendments to the Organic Law on Hydrocarbons will contribute to guarantee energy security, competitiveness of the country, generation of income and sustainable development, said the president of PERUPETRO.
During 11 months various information activities were developed with fishermen's guilds, local actors and authorities in Tumbes.
The hydrocarbons industry in Peru continues its reactivation with the arrival of one of the most important companies in the United Kingdom and one of the top 100 globally, announced today PERUPETRO, after the approval by the Peruvian government for the signing of the Contract of License of the Lot Z-64 with TULLOW PERÚ LIMITED.
The president of PERUPETRO S.A., Eng. Seferino Yesquén met with the governor of the Lambayeque region, Anselmo Lozano, to expose the region's hydrocarbon potential and ongoing exploration projects.
The president of PERUPETRO S.A., Eng. Seferino Yesquén met with the governor of the Ucayali region, Francisco Pezo, to inform about the upcoming beginning of the process of citizen participation by the lot 201.
PERUPETRO S.A. presented the results to the I Quarter, "Challenges and challenges to reach the 100.000 BODP, period 2019-2023", to investors and State entities. PERUPETRO has taken on a more active role as articulator between State, Companies and Society to promote the use of hydrocarbons.
The president of PERUPETRO S.A., Eng. Seferino Yesquén met with the governor of the region La Libertad, Manuel Llempén, to expose the hydrocarbons potential of the region La Libertad and the exploration projects currently underway.
PERUPETRO S.A. and the Ministry of Energy and Mines presented to the authorities of Tumbes the Work Plan of the sector for the region, whose objective is to generate mechanisms to channel and coordinate the attention of basic needs and claims.

PERUPETRO S.A. presented to the regional and local authorities of Tumbes, the results of the On-site Events of Complementary Measures of Citizen Participation for Lot Z-64.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines, through a Supreme Decree, authorized the assignment of a contractual position by Karoon Energy International, of a 35 percent stake in the Contract.

In Technical Conference "Challenges and Challenges to reach 100,000 BOPD" in College of Engineers
PERUPETRO, present at the International Hydrocarbons Event
E&P for hydrocarbons in the 2014-2018 period generated US $ 4,991 million in royalties and US $ 3,300 million in investments
Facilities for research and technological assistance will be provided
He exhibited PERUPETRO in the forum organized by DREM UCAYALI.
It is necessary to promote exploration for the discovery of new reserves.
Working Table presented advances to solve problems that affect communities.
It will allow the generation of 2,000 jobs in drilling activities.
PERUPETRO relaunched its decentralized office in Pucallpa.
Direct Negotiation is the main form of contracting that the law entrusts to PERUPETRO.
According to the Fraser Institute Global Survey
He assured the Energy and Mines Commission of the Congress of the Republic
By presiding over the signing of three exploration and exploitation contracts in the north of the country
Ensures strict respect for dialogue between the Executive Branch and communities
Contract suspended for 18 months due to stoppage of ONP
The oil economy will be re-launched, said Minister of Energy and Mines, Gonzalo Tamayo
Perupetro seeks to reactivate the oil sector and attract immediate investment
Reform for the sustainable reactivation of the hydrocarbons sector
Petroperú cedes 75% of its participation in favor of Geopark Peru
  • It is required to modify LOH to extend contract terms
It is necessary to continue promoting the exploration of hydrocarbons in the country
Peru needs to attract investments to develop hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation projects
With regard to publications in the media about the export of natural gas from Block 56, PERUPETRO S.A. It manifests the following:
Pdte. of PERUPETRO exposes its vision and objectives of the entity