Corporate Social Responsability during COVID-19

A Below, the Social Responsability activities of hydrocarbons during the health emergency due to COVID 19.

The Camisea Consortium, operated by Pluspetrol, provided an amount of 290 thousand soles for the strengthening of health services in Sepahua, Ucayali, and the acquisition of biomedical equipment, implements, among other materials, which will allow better care for patients who have COVID-19.

Together with a group of hydrocarbon companies and with the logistical support of the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy (SNMPE), we donated to the Ministry of Health, biosafety material (disposable caps, disposable aprons, masks and protective suits) to support the work of the Emergency Medical Care Service (SAMU) as well as the doctors and nurses who care for patients with Covid-19.
During the national emergency, the hydrocarbon companies have applied strict protocols to mitigate the effects of COVID19 and have assumed a social commitment with the populations located in the areas of influence of the operations. Learn more here: Repsol, Kallpa, Pluspetrol Perú, GMP y Perenco.